Thursday, November 06, 2008

Letter From a Friend

Dear Friends, I was thinking about everyone as the returns came in last night. I had several thoughts on the election of Barack Obama as president: America has the remarkable ability to find just the right individual to lead the country at moments of greatest peril--Jefferson in 1800, Lincoln in 1860, and Roosevelt in 1932 come to mind. I think Obama is a truly exceptional dude--all the brilliance and rhetorical skills of Clinton (though not quite the ability to evoke empathy) without the latter's disorganization and lack of discipline; he'll run a tight ship and he'll keep his dick in his pants.

Obama and his team ran one of the most brilliant, innovative, grassroots campaigns ever...anytime, anywhere. In two long years of campaigning, he kept his cool and stuck to his guns, with exactly one slip-up--that unnecessary remark about working people clinging to guns and religion. Remember the mockery of community organizers at the Republican Convention--a sneering Guiliani and snickering delegates--well, I just want to say to them: whose laughing at community organizers now, dickheads?

And for all those smug Europeans and foreigners who thought they had America figured as hopelessly racist, xenophobic, and politically-challenged, I have a quick quiz question: what is the only white majority country in the world to elect a non-white leader. France? Mais, non!. Germany? Bitte. Britain? Guess again, mate.

Finally, spare a thought for poor Sarah Palin. With dreams of 2012 dancing through that pretty head, she must be the most self-deluded person in all American politics.

So enjoy the moment. Tomorrow, things get back to reality. President Obama or no President Obama, we're still in fuck of a lot of trouble. But, at least, there's hope.


Anonymous said...

Seriously though, are you sad that you don't have an "enemy" to fight against? You will NEVER disagree with President Obama so what the hell are you going to complain about? You do realize he isn't going to bring troops home for years - maybe you'll bitch about that? I highly doubt it. Partisans are so easy to read.

Anonymous said...

well, sarah is back in our neighborhood now...there's a fair unease and unspoken distrust in the air, i sense. My yard signs for obama and national senator/congressman running against the crooks were stolen last week...but i just made more. As one local said " i have never been so proud to be an American, and so embarrassed to be an Alaskan" as Senator Stevens appears to be winning.
Well, we bloggers will indeed have more work to do. I climbed up a pretty high ladder in the snow and cold last week to hang an obama sign in a pretty tough part of rural alaska. Eventually, it'll probably get shot down, but pretty certain they won't bother to get a ladder to reach that height, like i did. My signs were taken by a snowmachiner....there were tread tracks through the yard...then big boot footprints from sign to sign area and back to the tread tracks. Vrooom..Vrooom! mostly, democratic signs were removed all over the area. Wonder what is so offensive. The most offensive sign i read was "Republicans kill animals...Democrats kill babies." I was offended but didn't destroy the sign. That's the difference, for the most part, between "us and them."
Ever onward!

Freewayblogger said...

Anonymous – am I sad that the President of the United States will no longer be a moron? No. In fact what I’m feeling is a slowly building, almost languid sense of joy and inner peace. My country, and by extension this world, is finally back in the hands of the intelligent, and it’s difficult to describe how good that feels.

Imagine someone you’ve loved for a long time suddenly died. A friend you grew up with, or a close family member… suddenly they’re gone and you know they’re never coming back and it just rips your heart out that there’s no way to change it. No hope at all.

Now take that feeling and reverse it. That’s what it feels like to be a Liberal in America today.

Jeanne – I couldn’t be prouder of you. Not just for the snow and cold ladderwork, but for leaving the “Republicans Kill Animals, Democrats Kill Babies” sign up. I’ve never taken someone else’s sign down and I hope I never will. (Although granted, I have edited a few…) No matter how much I may disagree with it, I know that sign makes America a better place, and that ultimately I have more in common with the person who put it there than with most of the people who agree with me. Also, it’s kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

Right on cue anonymous coward pulls out the "WAT U LIBROOLZ GON DO NOW DAT U CKAN'T B ANGREEEE!!11". Yep, because this all means that everything's gonna be peaches and cream for us, yes sirree.

And, of course, claims that anyone disagreeing with his non-ideas is "partisan", never mind that he's partisan against Obama and has been from say one, referring to him as "The Negro" and whatnot.

If you're so goddamn conviced of your ideas, anonymous coward, take a name. Start a weblog. Have a fucking spine.

Anonymous said...

damian sure seems to be upset. I think he needs to takes some downers post haste!

Freewayblogger said...

Perhaps Damian thinks you're serious and doesn't understand that some people simply need whatever attention they can get, even if it's just negative attention. I should probably add some sort of disclaimer to new readers explaining your presence here as a charity case.

Not that my motives here are entirely altruistic: every once in awhile you come up with pure, thoughbeit unintentional, comedic genius. Seriously... "take some downers" coming from someone who's comment trolling at 3:17 a.m... Comedy Gold!