Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Signs

(thanks to Americablog)

(Hanging animal is a raccoon... get it?)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just move to Iraq or Iran or Afganistan or ....... if you have such a problem here. Peace comes at a price.

Freewayblogger said...

Problem here? Hell no! I LOVE it here! What other country could I get away with what I do here? None! Well... precious few, anyway.

The only people I know of interested in Iran, Iraq, etc. are conservatives, who are constantly threatened by them (Hey, remember when y'all kept cringing and crying because Nicaragua was going to take us over? That sure was a hoot!)and want to overthrow their governments etc. etc. And yet... oddly, never seem to ENLIST.

Nothin' stopping us from winning in Iraq that 22 million Republican soldiers couldn't take care of. Lemmee know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I am one vote and I voted today.


Anonymous said...

btw: for a college professor, you sure do look like an idiot when you forget to put a parenthesis at the end of your post. You idiot.

Anonymous said...

And, you set the rules that people who support our military must ENLIST!?!? What about you? I assume you support helping the homeless - well my mandate is that you HOUSE some homeless! If you don't obviously you don't give a shit about the homeless so your claims about caring about the homeless are bogus! Obviously you know what I'm getting at - in order to support the military and what they're doing, you don't have to enlist - but, you're an idiot so you probably don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations freewayblogger. You made people stop and think.

I know how you love this country.

Freewayblogger said...

Thanks Neil. America really pulled through this time.

Anonymous, way ahead of you on housing the homeless, and no need for you to enlist - just move to Iraq and try to make things better there. Why? Because you care.

As for the typo, sorry I couldn't find it, but don't let it get you down. There are some that would contend that even melted down you wouldn't be worth the soap it'd take to wash my feet, but I don't believe them... not for a minute.

I think, if you're really really diligent about it, you might have what it takes to be a volunteer copy editor for this blog... not now, of course, but some day.

Aim high, my friend... Dare to dream. It's a brand new world.

Anonymous said...

The nameless coward is panicking. His vision of the world - his stunted, stupid, myopic vision of the world, one that centers on old white men, and fear, and hate - has crashed down around him.