Thursday, November 20, 2008

School of Assassins

Protest this weekend at Fort Benning, GA

from Mimi La Valley and a Hundred Nuns
(one of the funniest protest songs ever written...

"Private, either my brain’s going mushy and moist or
they’re cracking Fort Benning in half like an oyster!
Can you get me their headquarters, phone up the cloister?
Can you tell me what this is about?"
"Sir, I ventured outside, and I spoke to a sister,
who put us on a listserve for wartax resisters,
I was going to arrest her, but I’m getting a blister
so I think I’m gonna sit this one out."

Well the boys in the fort were dismantling the mortars
when the Corporal reported to the General’s quarters:
"Three-fourths of the fort would be following orders
if you ordered the fort to surrender.
Because sir I assure you, you’ll be disconcerted
when you learn that the current cadets have deserted,
and I’ve just been alerted that the colonel’s converted
and the sergeant’s rethinking his gender."

And the nuns are invading and they’re calmly persuading
our commander to sign up as a monk.
Besides, Corporal Clone and I just started dating
and he’s probably waiting for me in my bunk.
So we’re abandoning camp ’til the nuns overwhelm it,
sir, might I suggest that you tie-dye your helmet?
You need a few colors, and khaki's as dull as it comes..."


Anonymous said...

Wow. Anti-Americans in full force here...

Freewayblogger said...

Yes, but the protesters are standing up to them.