Sunday, February 03, 2008

from Coleen in Minneapolis

The photo above is of our latest Sunday morning vigil message. You can’t see it but the back side of the banner (the orange side) says “Close Guantanamo”. And no, we didn’t try to replicate Huckabee’s floating cross idea. It just so happens that it’s on a church that’s actually some distance away in the background. But it does fit well for the Sunday morning reflection, huh?

Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Ryback was so impressed, he actually stopped last Sunday and complimented our efforts.

If Attorney General Mukasey is any indication, this and our other one “Would Jesus waterboard?” are tough to answer. So this is a reminder that we’ll be asking Twin Cities motorists to reflect again this weekend on these hard questions on the 40th St pedestrian overpass over 8 lanes of 35W.

And speaking of torture, Tom Maertens, a former counter-terrorism official in the State Dept., and I finally got our op-ed The products of torture? Degradation, lousy evidence published in the St Paul Newspaper today. It’s actually not that tough a question. -Coleen R.

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