Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Washington DC

courtesy of the Beltway Blogger


Anonymous said...

Please post a comment on how military recruiters in Berkeley were referred to as "unwelcome intruders". I guarantee you won't say a damn thing about that comment because a) you believe it to be true and b)you know you will look terrible agreeing with it. You pussy.

Freewayblogger said...

Actually Anonymous, I think the question is why should we need military recruiters at all? After all, Iraq is the front line in the global struggle against terrorism. The fight that goes on there is the only thing keeping the Islamofacists from coming over here and taking away our freedom fer cryin' out loud! The military shouldn't be recruiting! They should be turning away young Americans swarming by the millions to join up in defense of the homeland!

Why on earth should we,the brave and valiant People of the United States of America possibly need RECRUITERS to get people to join in an effort so obviously critical to the survival of our nation?

If this war is so critical, with freedom's survival itself at stake, why in the hell would our military need recruiters?

Either it's a war that everybody knows is not worth fighting, or we're a Nation of Pussies. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

You do understand that Google, the most desirable company to work for in 2007 (according to Fortune), employs a giant pool of recruiters. By your logic, that's a sign that no one wants to work there! You're not making any sense!

So, back to my initial post: do you feel the recruiters are "unwelcome intruders"? Will you continue to dodge?

Freewayblogger said...

If you want to equate corporate hiring with the defense of this nation then your analogy makes perfect sense. It also sheds some much needed light on the depth, motivation and overall ethos of your love for this country.

As for recruiters being "unwelcome intruders", as both an American and free speech advocate I do not, nor have I ever endorsed this point of view. If you look carefully at the news item you'll find that it was the Berkeley City Council, not the Freewayblogger, responsible for this statement. A bit more diligence on the research end of things laddie, and you may just get that GED yet.

Anonymous said...

Did I ever claim that YOU endorsed that point of view, laddie? OF COURSE I DIDN'T!!! I asked for your opinion on the recruiters being called "unwelcome intruders" - it was assumed that both you and I knew where the statement came from so your accusation that I somehow didn't know the source is unfounded. So, after beating around the bush for several posts, I finally got the answer out of you that you DIDN'T support that point of view - was it that hard? Could you have just stated that in the beginning rather than going through your ridiculous rhetoric?

Freewayblogger said...

"I guarantee you won't say a damn thing about that comment because a)you believe it to be true..."

Jesus Christ... next time try READING what you've written (it's right there at the top...) and you might - I repeat, MIGHT - sound less like an idiot.