Saturday, February 16, 2008

Grateful Dissident


Anonymous said...

Check it out! More extreme radical liberal pussies like yourself FAILING in Boulder - one of the most liberal places on earth!!!

Do you realize how insane you actually are? Do you realize that you are 100% delusional and that people think you are insane? I know you think you're this intellectual powerhouse, but it's clear that your delusions of grandeur and you narcissism are clouding your grip of reality! It's quite funny, actually! When Bush finishes his term, you're going to have to find a new Boogie Man! Hahahahah!

Anonymous said...

So who will you be supporting in the Presidential election? I know you won't be voting for Clinton because of her vote to authorize the use of force and I know you won't be voting for Obama because he's a Negro. So, that leaves most likely McCain - and, he's stated that troops will be in Iraq for years to come! So, will you be staying home on election day?