Thursday, January 31, 2008

from the Ashville Citizen-Times

‘Highway blogging’ Legality Debated:

Interstate demonstrators claim protected speech; city cites safety.

ASHEVILLE — An increasingly popular type of political demonstration in Asheville has raised new questions about where the right to free speech ends and police power to protect motorists’ safety begins.
In growing numbers, demonstrators are using bridges over interstates and aiming messages at high volumes of traffic below...

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beachblogger said...

it's a good article. I highly recommend cardboard signs securely tied to a fence, tied to the outside of the fence and if it's 8 feet wide it really needs to be fastened on good. Small signs on the side fences are really low risk. The distraction argument is weak. Do the directional signs distract drivers? It's hypocritical to say a sign waver is responsible for distracting a driver and causing an accident. Millions of drivers have driven by your signs and my signs without crashing.

Many neighborhoods in Iraq are walled off with concrete barriers. So is BUSH obstructing or causing to be obstructed vehicular or pedestrian traffic on the streets or sidewalks or in parks or other public areas?