Thursday, April 26, 2007

LA and SF with GT

I'm a relative newcomer to freewayblogging, having started last summer. I lost count of the number of signs I've put up somewhere after fifty. I've put up well over a hundred of the things now. My job requires I spend about half my time in LA and half in SF, so I get to reach a LOT of people.

"I used to go to demonstrations because it was the only way I knew of to express myself, but holding up a sign along with a couple thousand other people holding signs... didn't really make much sense. Not compared to freewayblogging anyway. If I were Bush, demonstrations are precisely how I'd want people to speak out: put everyone at the same place at the same time... let my pet media do the coverage and the next day... it's like nothing ever happened. When I see one of my signs still up after a few days, knowing that three or four lanes of traffic have been reading it... Man, there's no better way to speak out.

And I can say damn near anything I want.

Six years of this idiot monkey, this unelected wannabe dictator in the White House has been enough. I'd been following the freewayblogger site for a long time before I finally picked up the cardboard and the paint, but once I'd put up a couple signs I understood exactly why he does it: It's fun... it's really as simple as that. It's fun and it's easy and even after a hundred signs I still get an adreneline rush every time I do it.

Does it actually do anything? Does it change people's minds? I don't know. All I know is that it feels damn good to speak out and whatever I put up, whatever my sign says... it looks a hell of a lot better than just another fence. -GT
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Psychomikeo said...

Waterboard gonzales...hummm where have I seen that before? Great minds think alike. I also like your story, it sounds alot like is FUN & 1 hell of a rush. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

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Psychomikeo said... this is Scarlet's main page & it has contact info on it