Monday, April 23, 2007

How to Paint a Red Town Blue

"Why impeach? Because nobody is above the law.
Gingrich and Hyde impeached Clinton for political reasons and because they hated him and his liberal ideas.
Impeaching Bush has nothing to do with politics. You may like or dislike the decisions he made but there isn't much doubt that he decided to break the law many times. He decided to lie about it many times.
Please just keep an open mind. Time is short; he deserves his day in court before his term ends." - Beachblogger

Beachblogger, along with some friends and this fine woman, have been keeping the fires of resistance burning along the freeways of San Diego county for over two years now. This week they're really turning up the heat:

Remember that the main difference between a freewayblogger and one who'd like to be one is this: a freewayblogger has signs in their car. Once you've got some signs painted, you'll find the right places to put them. Painting signs is easy: all it takes is cardboard and paint.

Join Beachblogger and hundreds of others this Saturday for an Impeach on the Beach!

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Psychomikeo said...

Great signs!!! Let's give them hell on April 28th!

spoonfed4 said...

Very nice freewayblogger!! You are correct. These guys are crooks and liars and need to be kicked out of office. Thanks for helping to increase people's awareness!

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STFU & GBTW said...

You know what I've been doing? I take a sharpie and write stuff on all the money I spend. "Impeach Bush and Cheney" or "The War is a lie" or give the president on the front a little thought bubble with something in it. That $20 will go through quite a few hands before it's destroyed.

Unknown said...

I love what you do. I have a suggestion if you are in the San Diego area and you value a fair election beware! Be aware of Michael Vu, hired straight from Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Get rid of him or your voters will be disenfranchised, votes will be lost and flipping all over the place. He is a fraud master!

Anonymous said...

WE're on it Kathy. Have a press conference at the convention center on FRI noonish. We'll be there with some IMPEACH signs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed.