Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ann Arbor, MI



One guy... just one guy like this in every major city. That's all I ask.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work - if the draft was still in place, there would certainly be more outrage over these two liars - very few families are paying the price for the lies of these despicable jerks. Perhaps we should reinstate the draft for everyone as before, and also perhaps make it a law for immigrants, legal or illegal to serve if they want to have the right to live in our country. If we had spent the half a trillion spent on this war lie on finding an alternative fuel for our cars, we would all be happier - maybe even have had money for the Katrina victims. It was all about the oil after all wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

This person needs to drive up to Troy, MI and do this. Most people in Ann Arbor already gets the message. People in Troy spend more time in their car and office then they do in their own house.

United We Lay said...

How do you do this without geting caught? Is this legal?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm in Troy Michigan. I'm not sure if we even have any highway overpasses that look like that. (fenced over). Speaking only for myself, I "have a heart full of coal" after yesterdays's local office shooting. Pain, grief, fear. When I think of multiplying that again and again and again to get your average day in Iraq, I feel like passing out.

DO SOMETHING. Those words. The same hospital they took the two male shooting victims to (William Beaumont Hospital) is the same hospital crushing me under a huge ER bill. I printed up some postcards and sent them to the Director of Operations Analysis at Beaumont, and one to this collection agency in Waterford and another to a collection agency in...oh, where is the other one located? I told them I can't WAIT til Michael Moore's Sicko comes out, and I can turn my postcard into a picket sign, and stand outside Beaumont - you see, when the film comes out, and the candidates talk about universal health care in the US - my little ER story will have some context.

Maybe I could mail out some postcards in Troy. But I don't know with my "heart full of coal" and my pocket full of nuthin', if I'm making any big old posters and sticking them over expressways any time soon.

Freewayblogger said...

It's as legal as putting up an American Flag.

Ohioans for Impeachment said...

It's not very often that this Ohioan can throw some nice words to Ann Arbor -but here goes. Helluva job.