Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Arsenal of Democracy: The Treehugger

I was very happy to see this picture come in from Ann Arbor. The "Treehugger" is a freewayblog leaned against, nailed to or bungeed to a tree or pole. For ease and versatility of posting, you really can't beat the treehugger: Walk up to tree and lean blog against it, wrap a bungee or two around them and walk away. Try it sometime: it's so simple you'll laugh.

Another thing I like about treehuggers is that there's such a myriad of potential targets that it allows you to concentrate more on strategic placement: what I like to call the "chess" of freewayblogging. I usually opt for cross-posting (i.e.:placement on northbound side facing south) in places where exits
are few and far between. Trees on hillsides, above retaining walls... pretty much anything you can see while driving is fair game. Just pick out a tree that looks difficult to get to and get to it.


Anonymous said...

I know the reason for our modern days problem with global warming. Essentailly it rests in the eradication of pirates. If you analyze rate of global temperature increase in comparison to the global estimated number of true pirates you find the numbers are inversly proportional. Namly, as the global estimated number of pirates decreases from and origonal 15,000 to today's 50 the global average temperate has increased from 90.1 degress Celcius to 90.2 degress Celcius. Astounding!!! Q.E.D.

Anonymous said...

Don't nail things to trees! Trees are living things, and compromising the bark can be fatal.

PS: "the truth" comments made me laugh. ;-)

Freewayblogger said...

had to nix "the truth"s comments, alas. too rude.

While I appreciate the nails vs.trees thing, I'm afraid that unless people learn to start speaking out, soon, there aren't gonna be any trees.

Dept Of Homeland Conspiracy said...

Dear The Lorax
So you use no wood products at all???