Saturday, December 02, 2006

Some Examples of Duration

Thanks to the magic of television editing, Sean Hannity managed to get the last words into our brief interview: "I think your're just too cheap to buy a billboard." What I would've said, were I not cut off, was "No Sean, I'm too cheap to buy three thousand billboards."

The function of a billboard, after all, is simply to convey a message to people who are driving on the freeway. Freewayblogs perform the same function,but at a dramatically reduced cost.

The point of this project, however, is not simply for me to get my own message out (I've pretty much succeeded in doing that,) but to demonstrate to others how to get their message out.

When we reach a point where the voices of the wealthy need to be heard more in this society, then I'll start buying billboards.

The thing these signs have in common is that they're placed obliquely - high up or off to the side - with no clear or obvious way to reach them. Apart from that, the only way to really assure signduration is through the law of averages: stick up ten of the things and a couple are bound to last.

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