Saturday, December 16, 2006

Arsenal of Democracy: Wood

Painting signs on wood has several advantages: they're sturdy, weatherproof, and can be posted literally in one second... just lean it up against something.

Wooden signs are also good for dropping into places where they can't be easily extricated, like these wire cages, or the space between fences and walls.

Wooden pallets are also very useful. You can turn practically any hillside or field into a podium simply by bringing out a pallet, leaning it up against something, and binderclipping your sign to the wood. Chances are the person who takes down the sign won't bother to drag the pallet away as well (particularly if it's a hike...), thus making the pallet re-useable. I put at least half a dozen signs on the same pallet on the Altamont Pass before they finally dragged the pallet away. Then I just brought another pallet.

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