Thursday, December 14, 2006

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From Beachblogger

This sign came in from a first-timer in New York. He said he had lots of help painting the sign, but that they sort of drifted away when it came time to hang it. Armed only with bungee cords and duct-tape, our newbie approached the fencing, marching alone into the dragon's jaws of signposting... after seven grueling seconds (the time it takes to bungee a sign to a fence), he was done.

I like his choice of overpasses...

Ann Arbor images brought to you by PsychoMike-o (the voice of Ann Arbor)

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Dept Of Homeland Conspiracy said...

I like the fact that the road is called Peoples Rd. & it looks like the people have spoken! Nice job.

I knew I should of stood next to the One Nation sign as it's BIG but you can't tell in that pic.