Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Marin Mapquested

Mapquest 1399 N. Hamilton Parkway, Novato CA, 94949. Park in back by fence. Hop fence, climb hill. You're there.

Mapquest 15 Crecienta Dr. Sausalito, CA 94965. Drive to the end of the street, park by "Dead End" sign. Scamper up hill. You're there.

Paloma St. Pedestrian Bridge

Mapquest 1261 Andersen Dr. San Rafael, CA 94901. Park in back, walk ten feet and Voila! a seven-by-fifteen foot billboard just for you!
Google/Mapquest "Larkspur Landing Office Park" Go to very end of parking lot, walk up dirt road in northwest corner. At the top of the 2nd rise, make a left. All in all less than a quarter mile of walking, well worth it for the majestic view of northbound 101
Mapquest 6090 Redwood Bvld. Novato, CA 94945 Park behind "Super Buffet" and squeeze through crack between wood and cyclone fencing. Take note of single strand of barbed wire at crotch level. Walk ten feet towards freeway, you're there. While you're there, feel free to take down this "Osama Who?" sign - it's been up for two months.

USA - 477
FB - 473

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PTCruiser said...

I need to do this in San Francisco.