Monday, August 28, 2006

LA by Night

With Beachblogger having posted so many signs in the desert, I've got some serious catching up to do. Going strictly for speed, I managed to do the above in just under four hours, then I went to sleep. I got up at midnight, loaded up the truck and started heading north.

Pedestrian overcrossing at Magnolia Ave. in Orange County. Sign slips right in between fencing and brace in literally two seconds.

Favorite spot next to the 405 just north of Venice in LA. Signs here usually last a couple of days - let me know if you see it.

Facing East on the 10 between Arlington and Crenshaw... illuminated at night.
Fencing just above the La Cienega split on the 405 by LAX.

Painted on two sides and hung in a sealed off pedestrian overpass over the 405 near LAX. I used hook-and-pole technology to place the sign inside the bars, with coathangars and a carabiner to clip it in place. See Caged Bird Singing.

Ventura Freeway in the valley. Illuminated at night but doubt it lasted too long into the morning.

Eucalyptus tree on the northbound side of the Sepulveda pass facing southbound traffic. As humble as it may look in the photo, this is a fairly clever posting and I think it'll last at least a couple of days. Even if it only makes it a few hours into the morning rush hour though, it'll be read by more people than I'll meet in my life.

Next to the 405 near Carson.

I was amazed to see this one still up on the southbound side of the Sepulveda Pass as I put it up over a month ago. It was folded over a bit so I nailed it back into place.

Although the pictures aren't nearly so good, I have to admit there are a lot of advantages to working at night, provided you're already familiar with the terrain during the day. One of the myths I need to dispel about guerrilla signposting, however, is that it should be done at 4:00 in the morning. Four in the morning is a ridiculous hour and waiting for it provides a powerful disincentive to post. Whether you're using clips, clamps, bungees and tape or hammer and nails, posting a sign shouldn't take longer than ten or twenty seconds, so you should be able to do it any time of the night or day.

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peter said...

WOW! Great pictures! peace, peter

Anonymous said...

did you do "Feeling Safer?" above the 405? That was cool - thought-provoking. Nice font too!