Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Awesome Power of the Overhead Projector

Found this lovely pile of cardboard behind a furniture store in Sacramento. Using nothing more than paint, duct-tape, a boxcutter and an overhead projector, I was able to turn it into this:

All in all it didn't take more than eight or nine hours of work, (if you want to call tracing, painting, and listening to music "work,") and I did it alone. Along with the awesome power of the Overhead Projector I can't emphasize enough the power of simply one person working alone. I've posted close to a thousand signs on this weblog, and three quarters of them were done by about six of us. I think "Organizing" has been the clarion call of the left for so long now that it's paralyzed us as individuals. To those of you out there who've been wanting to do this but waiting to "get together" with other people before giving it a try, stop waiting: Just do it.

Put paint on cardboard and then put the cardboard up where your fellow citizens can see it. Send me a picture. So long as it's non-commercial political speech, you can say whatever you want. This is America.


PTCruiser said...

One man's junk is another man's launching pad to inform the masses.

peter said...

try it, it's fun!

Anonymous said...

was driving thru providence yesterday and saw someone has painted "IMPEACH" so it's visible from the highway, i think it was 24 or 195... dunno if whoever did it reads this blog but it looked great

azgoddess said...

thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

Annie said...

How was dinner last night?
I'm jelly.