Friday, August 25, 2006

USA Retakes the Lead!

USA - 521
FB - 512

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Steve said...

We've got to recognize that the repub bastards are moving the argument from 'Iraq front and center" to 'America's security' front and center.

They realize that Iraq is a lost cause for them, but the idea that they are strong against terrorism and dems weak is something they can sell. It also I think somewhat transcends the IMPEACH message.

We need to find a way to point out that Bush and his gang are Osama's greatest asset. They have totally destabilized the middle east - witness the democratic election of a nutcase in Iran and Hamas in Palestine, along with Bush's creating the perfect recruiting ground for terrorists and an endless supply of suicide bombers VIa Iraq.

We need to boil this down to a couple of one-three word banners. One suggestion is "Bush brings us Armageddon" (have to appeal to the religious right here, sri guys) etc. Of course, Bush's Iraq has defocused us from Afghanistan, so the Taliban is coming back in power.

Bush - Iraq war lost
Afghanistan- taliban retakes

cum on, help with more ideans

Come on up with some ideas folks. Recognize what the Nazi Rove (german name btw) is doing now. lets get ahead of the curve with these criminals.