Thursday, January 05, 2006

Arsenal of Democracy: Crappy Furniture

I saw this sitting in the rain so I broke it up and turned it into signs.
After tracing the letters with an overhead projector, I use two foam brushes and cheap black enamel, doing the thick lines first and the seraphs and curves with the smaller brush second. I find repetitive painting to be very relaxing, almost zen-like mixture of concentration and mindlessness.

Two or at most three hours of painting.

Although heavier and more cumbersome than cardboard, working with wood has some definite advantages in terms of posting. For example, you can just lean it up against stuff.

Or just pull over next to a roadsign and nail it up to the back. Takes ten seconds. See


Christy said...

I swear Freeway Blogger you make me giggle wildly.

But I am curious... How far can you go..?

The Deep South needs you.They have been waiting for a very long time.

(We are only RED cause they been rigging elections down here for a century, atleast. Where do you think Jr. and Jebbie learned it? By TRADITION we are... DEMOCRATS. Most forget that.Despite what you hear, you would find many friends waiting to help.)

You are wonderful Freeway Blogger...

Never back down.

No matter what Louisiana salutes you.

Anonymous said...

I think "mindlessness" sums this up rather well. You said it not me. ;-)

Annette said...

I do not agree with posters on the highway.everyone has an opinion about whats going on in the world without you littering the roads up!Its disturbing and annoying for the drivers.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to agree with what Annette says! Everyone has their own opinions - but why litter the highways? Now our taxes have to go into paying people to pick up after you. I don't see that as a help to America in anyway. Besides - the government isn't necessarily going to pay attention to posters on the highway. It doesn't explain anything expect for someones anger.

Do what you feel you have to do I guess - but I don't agree with it. Write to the people who represent you and your state in the government. Call them, email them - fill their voicemail and inbox. They will be more likely to respond to that and it doesn't effect the environment or people who don't agree with you.

Freewayblogger said...

Sorry Heidi, but it's actually impossible to litter a freeway. Why? Because freeways are just huge multi-ton pieces of litter themselves. They're Garbage. Rivers of Poison.

Freeways are like a gun being held up to the head of my grandchildren's grandchildren. Yours too. I have very little respect for their sanctity.

Anonymous said...

exactly what i was going to say about litter. these messages are not fo the government--they are for the people. if we put the obvious in peoples faces, and open a dialog we are more likely to shake up this generation of apathetic america.

i DO write all of my representatives in the house and congress. in wisconsin, we are lucky enough to have the venerable russ feingold, and herb kohl is fairly decent. {for a prohibitionist} i also live in the 7th district, where i have dave obey working for my interests. i have had numerous conversations with dave and russ both, and they both tell me they think frewayblogging is a great idea.