Monday, January 09, 2006

Impeachment Monday: Los Angeles

Two bicycle boxes taped together and painted.

Two or three hours of painting in my garage.

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Anonymous said...

With all the SoCal members, I half expected to bump into one on an overpass at 2 a.m..

Great work!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome work. I really admire your work. I'd put up a sign in my locality, but I live in Mumbai so it'd be pointless. But I'm with you in spirit.

Keep up the great great work. Impeach Bush.

Anonymous said...

Good work! But I'm puzzled why you're posting them facing the wrong side of traffic, not the incoming one.

Freewayblogger said...

Signs placed slightly off to the side last much longer than those directly overhead or in the middle. They're just as readable as those directly overhead, but less in-your-face I suppose, and thus last longer. Signs placed not on overpasses, but along the peripheries of the freeway will stay up for days instead of hours.

My Art Garden said...

How do you put pictires on your blog?