Saturday, January 28, 2006

Freeway Blogger on the Radio

Hey, this is Dr. Laniac. The Freeway Blogger's out hanging signs in SoCal and I'm passing on this bit of news for him.

You may have been listening to The Young Turks "Filibuster for the Filibuster" marathon broadcast this weekend. Saturday evening, while the Turks were catching a nap, Brad Friedman was doing a fill-in stint. Brad had on the Freeway Blogger as a guest. It's a nice segment and you can give it a listen.

Call/Fax/Email some Senators and encourage them to filibuster Alito. Georgia10 at DKos has phone numbers and info. Also, is gathering local office numbers as well as the DC numbers.

And you might make some "Veto Alito" signs.


Muslim Unity said...

The War is not yeat over? I thought the German's lost.
Wait .....sorry.isn't it 1950 now?..Sorry...wrong year..........wrong blog!

phil said...

Hey, just another soldier who has been there and done that checking in to say "you can &%$@ right off" to all those putting up signs about the war and our armed forces. Since you obviously hate Bush for reasons that are a lot more important(to you) -like the way he claims to be a conservative- I'd appreciate it if you just leave us out of it.

Freewayblogger said...

Hey Phil, thanks for your service. As someone putting up signs, I can assure you I'm not speaking for you: That's your job. I'm speaking for me.

Warm n Wonderful said...

Saw this van on this link. Any relation to you?

AJ said...

Whow Phil,

I don't believe the target of the anti-war movement is against you or those that, like you, served with honor and distinction.
This war is about our President and the forces that put our men and women in harms way with being less than honest.
If I truly thought that this war was about defending my country from an honest threat, I would beat you to the first recruitment office and BEG for them to let me join & fight.
To decide to take another person's life, is not something I consider trivial.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Freeway:

Hey, you decided I was legit! Strangely, that makes me feel really good.

Thanks for your stint on the Young Turks, and for the work you're doing fighting the war against the war. (BTW, have you checked out Gozar the Traveler? Great site by a friend of my kid brother, who was stationed over there and did some good stuff, and faced some bad stuff, without being political at all.)

Anyway, thanks for the props.

Thersites of Vichy Dems.

Anonymous said...

Saw your suggestion about a "veto alito" sign and we were inspired to put this one up on a very busy freeway just outside Atlanta this morning:

Filibuster Alito - Call Your Senators.

Close up.

And for good measure we got one impeach sign up.

Ay said...

I think (even if I do or do not agree) that your signs are great and atleast help promote people to think!
Amanda or

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this, but Vichy Dems ain't done yet. Not by a long shot.

Today we've got our POST-FILIBUSTER GAME PLAN, PART I up and in play. It's simple: contact every Senator who did vote our way, repeatedly, at their DC and district offices and emails, and say "thank you." Good manners, yes. Reinforces good behavior, yes. And it also reinforces the reality, new to many politicians, that there are substantial numbers of voters our here who PAY ATTENTION to WHO voted HOW. We don't just groan at the outcome. We analyze it, and dole out rewards and punishments.

So calling and thank you -- a lot of times -- is an important part of our advocacy plan to take back our Party, our Congress and our nation. You're sick and tired of making phone calls? Me, too. Now get thee to and do it anyway.


(Freeway, I'd be grateful if you'd consider putting this up top on yor site!! Or on the Mulholland/I-405 overpass, either way.)