Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Some Impeaching

hey scarlet, thought i'd share a great shot i took near the coronado bridge coming home this afternoon. i'm guessing it's some of beachblogger's awesome work. and gridlock traffic on the 5 south had the pleasure of reading the sign's twin hanging on the other side of the same overpass. just lit up my whole afternoon...


Thanks Kate, here's some recent impeaching I did in LA, SF and points in between. I'm gonna miss painting these things... rarely do you get to express so much in just seven letters.

"War doesn't make boys men, it makes men dead." ~ Ken Gillespie

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Anonymous said...

Hi from Atlanta. I have a few ideas for you. First of all, you really should learn how to do screen printing. You could print about 3 of those big 4x8' signs a minute if you had someone to help. Smaller signs would be a breeze even with one person. And because you're working with cardboard the ink is waterbased and it's cheap and no fumes like with house paint or spray paint. You wouldn't have to paint the background on there with a messy roller anymore you could print it on using less paint/ink/time.

I watched one of the videos of someone painting these signs and I thought wow, you got a lot of patience! I could have printed 10 signs in the time it took to paint one word. You could even print in multiple colors or print halftones (photographs). So look into that. You could be mass producing these signs in a fraction of the time and cost.

My other idea was that while you're installing a big sign in a high profile area such as an overpass where people are going to be watching you do it for a minute or two, what you can do is cover up the face of the sign with butcher paper, fabric or cardboard and once it is hung up then you tear off the cover revealing the message. That way it will look like you're just walking by and not hanging the sign.

Mid to large format color laser printers are in most copy centers. Head in with a cheap roll of butcher paper and you could print your signs onto that then roll them on to the cardboard with a squeege. Use wall paper adhesive, elmers glue or homemade flyposting gunk.

Maybe you can give me some ideas now. I want to post some messages around here to get people to carpool and combine trips. I'd like to give them sort of anti-bush flavor but this is an extremely red territory and I'd rather people, even the conservative morons, to think. I was thinking about "Stop lining bush's (or cheney's) pockets... Carpool / Combine trips"

But people would get too pissed before they even got to the second sentence. Any ideas?