Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bike Boxes For Peace

I recently picked up some bike boxes in Santa Cruz and gave them a coat of paint: these signs were up in San Francisco and Berkeley for at least three hours each.

Bike boxes come basically in two parts, side panels and flaps. The side panels make for good large/medium signs, the flaps for smaller, more discreet ones. The signs above took about three hours to make.

Although "Peace" and "Peace on Earth" are relatively toothless messages politically, they do tend to stay up longer than other more partisan or specifically anti-war messages. Nevertheless, there are always critics:

I found this by one of my usual spots. I thought it looked funny.

I'll be posting signs in Southern California for the next few days. On Friday I'll be putting up what will probably be the last of what's now been thousands of "Impeach" signs in support of Dennis Kucinich's efforts in DC.

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