Sunday, July 06, 2008

Recycling Billboards

Hey Freewayblogger,
A friend had a line on where we could get used billboard vinyl real cheap, so we got ourselves an old billboard and painted the back on the driveway.

The vinyl's pretty easy to paint on and had lines pre-formed on the material for lettering and cutting.

Here's how they looked on July 4th...

(signs hung on the 55 and 405 in Orange County)

Unfortunately we didn't have any bunnies
so we brought along our dog.


Lynda said...

Thanks, Freewayblogger! Our "group" posted approx. 20 banners (mostly on the 605 Freeway) and 405 & 55 Freeways in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa. Most of them were down by the next day but a few hand painted signs with a peace symbol inserted instead of stars lasted for a while. The key is to find inaccessible sites so it's more difficult to remove. Love the gas pump idea - heartbreaking though.
peace always,

Unknown said...

Cool projects. How/where do you get the vinyl banners? I'd like to do something like that.

Freewayblogger said...

Found mine through a crane company (presumably that's how they take down/put up vinyl billboards)Couldn't find much on the internet, but some phone calls to Clearchannel, Adsense, CBS mOutdoor etc. would probably bear fruit.

Unknown said...

Martin, who I haven't talked to in a while, was able to obtain the vinyl through a billboard company. These vinyl sections cost $10.00 per section and are quite large. I could forward your message to him because I don't have the details. I do know the billboard company is in Los Angeles.