Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Immigration Debate

(The above sign cost about 35 cents and took about 20 minutes to make. It was hung in 15 seconds using wire coat hangars and two long bungee cords and stayed up for at least 90 minutes during rush hour.)

One of the things I've found most ironic about conservative anger over illegal immigration is how idealogically similar the two groups are. Below is my humble attempt to bring both sides together using the magic of song...

The Mexican
(Sung to "The Candyman")

Who cleans all our houses?
Who does all our yards?
Who takes every job they can and then works really hard?
The Mex-ican... Oh, the Mexican can!

Who's devoted to their mothers?
Who supports their families?
Whose faith in Christ the Savior makes us look like Pharisees?
The Mex-i-can! Oh, the Mexican man!

The Mexican man is a model Republican,
and nothing for you all to fear:
They're just as good at drinking beer...
(And better at denying when they're queer!)

Who invented Macho?
Who taught us how to cruise?
Who's been wandering in the desert even longer than the Jews?
The Mexican!
Oh, the Mexican can!


Anonymous said...

That's real cute! Can you do a verse for the Dog Whisperer aka the Little Mexican?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have now been posting signs all over our conservative little town here in Missouri. Two big signs along 150 hwy, stapled to wooden stakes, well off the road, on top of a small limestone cliff. One says "Bush lied" and the other "The war is a lie". They have been up for over a month and have survived two major thunderstorms. The other small ones were taken down within a day of posting but were worth every minute. My husband loves the rush and glory of putting up the signs and I take great pride in painting them. You have been an inspiration. Long live the Freewayblogger!

Anonymous said...

You're totally getting a beating for that the next time I see you, Scarlet!