Friday, October 19, 2007

Iraq Moratorium Day: Orange County

Although it's fun to get together with folks and wave a bunch of signs together on an overpass or intersection, it's not tremendously effective and probably falls more into the catagory of socializing than activism. The same holds true with most demonstrations: Why have a whole bunch of people holding signs in one place when one or two people can put them everywhere?

If what you really want to do is get a message out... if you truly want to exercise your right to full and unfettered free political expression, then what you do is paint a whole bunch of signs, drive around and place them alongside freeways.

In large urban areas with several freeways, you can reach a couple hundred thousand people by noon. Easy.

Signs placed alongside freeways last much, much longer than those placed on overpasses, and they're a lot less stressful to put up.

Once you get in the proper mindset and start looking at everything as a potential posting spot, you'll see how easy it is to do. Over and over again.

Big signs can be placed on lonely, distant fences, smaller ones on closer bits of peripheral fencing.

Or just clipped or nailed to whatever's handy. Anything that can be seen from a freeway is a place you can put a sign and it'll be read... generally by more people in a day than you'll meet in your life.

Easiest damn thing in the world to do. Hell of a lot of fun too.

But first you have to paint the signs...

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