Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Return of the Beltwayblogger

Hey Scarlet, sorry it's been awhile - I've been going carless for awhile, but man it feels good to be freewayblogging again! "On the Table:" Alexandria, VA - this one was SO easy to put up! Just park at the furniture store, put up the sign, walk through a gate and take the photo.

I-66 in Falls Church, VA and the Beltway in Annandale, VA :both have American flags. Apparently when you attach a U.S. flag, whether onto your lapel or onto a bridge, it can have alternate meanings. To someone like Lou Dobbs, it means "respect for those killed in the terrorist attacks, and in recognition of this country's war on radical Islamist terror." To me, it means respect for the Constitution and recognition that our democracy will perish if we don't take action.

I-66 in Arlington, VA. Too bad I couldn't elaborate that under the production sharing agreements, 80% of the Iraqi oil profits go to Exxon, BP, Shell et al.

This on-ramp in Alexandria won't be open till tomorrow morning's rush hour so I could work out in the open: good thing too, because while placing the guardrail blog on the other side (through a tunnel), I left my nails behind so I had to be creative.

In Solidarity, Beltwayblogger

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I think you elaborate just fine.