Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here are some updates on the freewayblogging cases in Illinois and Ohio. I don't know if my example will be brought up in either case, but I sort of hope it is. The problem with making political signposting illegal, apart from being utterly unconstitutional and, indeed, a knife plunged into the very heart of everything this country's supposed to stand for, is that it's practically unenforceable.

With thousands of miles of roadside at your disposal, you pick the time, place, and manner of posting. Following my methods, the act itself takes less than ten seconds. Up until then you're just a person carrying a folded piece of cardboard, after that you're just a person walking away.

Corny as it sounds, the greatest weapon a freewayblogger has in their arsenal is faith in America. I can do what I do with no fear of getting caught because, simply, I don't fear getting caught. I was taught that this was a country where expressing my political beliefs as effectively as I can is not only my right, in times of crisis it's my responsibility, and I'd be glad, even honored, to defend that view in court.

But not until I absolutely have to.

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bickerfest.com said...

shit, it doesn't look like i'm gonna be able to do my first freeway blog by the end of August, as intended.

i can't fricken' believe the time has gone by so fast!

but here's a promise: if i don't do one by the end of September, i will officially relinquish my US citizenship and offer myself up for immediate deportation to the country of any right wing whacko's choice.

how's that for a committment?

Freewayblogger said...

It takes twenty minutes.


bickerfest.com said...

well, yeah, it probably only takes twenty minutes if you already have the cardboard, the overhead projector, the transparency film, the paint, the brushes, the bungie cords, not to mention having an overhead walkway picked out or somesuch.

and let's not forget having a LACK of lame excuses to procrastinate it -- like i just rattled off there.

but i imagine that after you do your first one, and you get that rush that comes from doing your small part to try to save America from the nutcases, etc., subsequent freeway bloggings probably take less and less time to do -- or you don't even care how long it takes anymore because the satisfaction of doing it far outweighs all other factors.

is that a good guess?

anyway, to make sure that i don't somehow space it this time, please start naming some obnoxious places for me to think about avoiding being deported TO -- as per my invitation to the Limbaugh crew and what have you.


but seriously, i'll bet that once i finally get started, i'll be beating your daily output!

bickerfest.com said...

oops, i should have read your link first.

even so, some of my lame excuses still apply -- plus, with different materials besides, -- like the tape, the white cardboard.


ya know what? screw it.

i just might make my first freeway blog by the end of August.

i hope my camera's working!

but that's far less important than the actual posting of the signs.

Freewayblogger said...

Actually, the camera part is important since a big part of this project is to let people from other countries know that some of us are fighting back over here, but honestly, I wouldn't sweat it too much: the freewayblogger nation now has some 4,000+ members, about five of whom are active. I'm thinking maybe the next war might inspire them. Maybe.

When the time comes though, this is by far the quickest, easiest and generally most effective posting method:


bickerfest.com said...

the camera part is important since a big part of this project is to let people from other countries know that some of us are fighting back over here

excellent point.

as well as letting our own people know, right?

after i posted my earlier comment last night about being deported to some foreign unAmerican undemocratic hellhole, i was thinking about the irony that i may already be living in one such nation -- due to the fact that dissent is so well discouraged that people have to resort to posting cardboard signs on freeways in the middle of the night.

and risk getting arrested, besides.

like whoa.

deport me out of the land of the free? that's slowly becoming impossible.

those totally peaceful impeach videos that i made are already widely censored, for instance.

and the impeachbushco.com campaign i put together was seriously screwed with -- the domain is no longer under my control and the myspace sites connected to them have been effectively disabled.

free speech? nope.

you can only call for impeachment for blowjobs, apparently.

PTCruiser said...

In the amount of time it took to post all of those comments, I painted and posted a sign.

Anonymous said...

PTCruiser said...
In the amount of time it took to post all of those comments, I painted and posted a sign.

yeah, but i'm a MUCH better procrastinator than you!

Anonymous said...

So when are you finally gonna get together with Fred Phelps' WBC and join your dopey, insipid, rote, lame, polluting signage to better the world by lowering its collective IQ to single digits?

Freewayblogger said...

Join with Fred Phelps? I'll be doing that around the time college Republicans start enlisting in the army.

D said...

Nothing like wingnut logic.

If you could call it logic

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