Monday, August 06, 2007

How to Reach San Diego

Start your journey here.
Drive in back and place a sign on the fence shown below. Mere feet from traffic, it requires miles of driving to actually reach. It will be seen by approximately ten thousand people for every hour it stays up.

Head south on the 5 for a couple of miles and exit at Kettner, head south until you see the pedestrian bridge entrance on your left.

This is a good placement for southbound traffic.

This side gets the northbound. Proceed downtown.

There's a series of overpasses criss-crossing the 5, all requiring no more than a four foot walk from your car. Leave a couple signs between the railing and chainlink, making sure there's no gap at the bottom.

This overpass by City College is good for really large signs. Close, convenient parking at the entrance.

Head north on the 163 through Balboa Park, then make your first exit after turning east on the 8. Follow it around until you pass Bally's fitness and keep following the parking lot back to the trailhead. You should see this pallet somewhere back there, and the above sign probably torn into pieces. Use binder clips/hammer and nails to attach sign to the pallet, lean against post facing due east - should be visible by both north and southbound lanes.

The parking lot in the office building beside Bally's is surrounded by eucalyptus trees: use them. (note how bungee cord eliminates need for using nails...)

Get back on the 8 east and then head south on the 15. You'll find a whole assortment of overpasses with handy bars-against-fencing placement opportunities (no bungees required, just slides right in!) On your way out hit the 805 and voila! You've reached a good percentage of San Diego drivers in the space of two or three hours. Congratulations!

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beachblogger said...

nice work! peace, peter

The Minstrel Boy said...

i just got back from a two week stay in san diego. i saw your handiwork.

thank you.