Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sonoma/Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Listen carefully about 50 seconds in. This transition from the cadenza to the recapitulation of the 1st movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto is one of those perfect moments in music. Once the bow starts arcing across the strings I get a chill in the back of my skull that starts spreading down through my body as the orchestra comes in. Every time.

Click here to hear the 1st movement from the beginning, as played by Anna Nicole Smith with the NBC Radio Symphony.

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Anonymous said...

I recently saw a bumper sticker that read

One Nation Under God = IRAN

I liked it but thought I would ask in this blog community what others think of it?

Freewayblogger said...

Not bad, but it neglects to take into account that unlike the Iranians, our cloudfairy is the One True Cloudfairy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... it's not quite on the mark, but I like it.

I am trying to create a message which turns the discussion inward to the USA. So I ask for advice.

For example, a recent Doonesbury strip had a terrorist ask a returning Iraq Vet, "where is the nearest unguarded weapons depot? The response was, "this isn't Iraq, try a gun show."

I like the gun show remark. So, I am trying to get to a simple message like

"If You're A Terrorist... You'll Love the Gun Shows Here"

How does that resonate? My city sponsored the NRA convention last year too.

Freewayblogger said...

I think the best message would be to attend the gun show with some friends dressed in white robes, dark glasses and kaffiyehs. Make sure at least someone has a thick middle eastern accent and that someone else videos the event.

might be fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, now your really getting into street theater activism. Great suggestion. Dangerous, but likely to create a media moment.

For me, it's too heavy in racist overtones for my comfort level.

It could be comical if someone were to follow me around a gun show with a camera while I was asking if there are any booths selling ski masks?

How about that idea?

Anonymous said...

Generic question: how are pedestrian bridges for standing and holding a sign that i'd like to re-use? i've been reading my state and township laws. a bridge i wanted to use, that has a nice, safe, huge shoulder, technically doesn't have a sidewalk, so i'd be in the motor traffic's "right of way". but on a pedestrian bridge, with plenty of room (i found a good one), i should be able to stand and prop up a big sign, right?

can anyone comment on that?

Freewayblogger said...

depends on the cops, really. If one of them wants to stop you they can, and often do. Usually they say something like "We got complaints from motorists" or "Someone said you were throwing things from the bridge," or "you need a permit" etc. etc.

While all these things are BS, the cop's authority isn't, so I'd suggest you just call the police and ask them. If the ped bridge is off limits, find out exactly where you are allowed to hold a sign.

Even with that done you can still get hassled by cops though. Just be as cheerful, amenable and compliant as you can be when it happens. Remember, a large portion of our society's been indoctrinated to think you and your type are set on the destruction of all they hold dear, so when/if you get hassled, don't take too much offense - they're trying to save their country just like you are.

Final thought. The other thing that could happen is the President could deem you an enemy combatant and have you tortured to death. This is, after all, "America". Thanks Congress!