Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gulf War Song

"We got a call
to write a song
about the war
in the Gulf...
But we shouldn't
hurt anyone's feelings.

So we tried,
Then gave up...
'Cause there was no such song.
But the trying was very revealing..."
- Gulf War Song
(Please listen.)

"He passed out on the sundeck that morning,
Quietly saying goodbye.
But I was so hammered,
I sputtered and stammered...
Told him he couldn't just die.

He was a rock...
went straight for his own Armageddon.
Face froze in a grin...
Ambulance flyin' in: I never drank again.
Can't really call it a loss or a win..."
- The Drinking Song

(all songs by Moxy Fruvous)

"I like to keep it in the refrigerator:
keeps the powder dry, and the action quicker...

I'm fencing off this little piece of heaven,
polishing up my AK-47...

I'm fighting for you and a blue-eyed Jesus.
America First! the rest get the pieces.

Happy Birthday Trisha,
I'm in the Michigan Militia..."
- Michigan Militia

FB - 326
USA - 87

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