Monday, February 26, 2007

Bill Hicks/Bay Area

"All our beliefs are being challenged now, and rightfully so – they're stupid."
"No one – and I repeat, no one – has ever died for a flag. See, a flag … is just a piece of cloth. They may have died for freedom, which is also the freedom to burn the fucking flag, see. That's freedom."

"I believe that God left certain drugs growing naturally upon our planet to help speed up and facilitate our evolution."

"The next revolution is gonna be a revolution of ideas."

FB - 320
USA - 87


Psychomikeo said...

Even though Bill has been gone for awhile now I still miss his way of looking at things

Anonymous said...

One and only Bill Hicks but I wish we had another. ~Annie

Anonymous said...

Missing you, Bill. Thirteen years feels like a very long time.