Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Best/Worst Picture Yet

Hey Freeway Blogger,
Here's what I did as georgie was stealing the election here in Ohio. I bought signs and put them all over on my property. I also put a peace memorial for ALL the lives lost from the bush mob. No one can tell me to take them down! Below are the pictures and in the background of "bush lies" sign is where our local police station/mayors office, and where council meetings are held. Oh yeah, it's also our local voting place for our little village. You can bet all my signs are out even as my flag pole stands empty because my flag has been kidnapped and desecrated by those in charge. I have sent pictures twice before but have never seen them posted. Is there something wrong with them? -OHIO

Dear OHIO,
Thank you for the pictures of the yard signs and peace garden and sorry about not getting back to you sooner. Although it’s a very pretty picture and I admire your speaking out to the extent you have, the point of this project is to get people to move beyond yard signs, small memorials and other symbolic gestures and SPEAK OUT, and by that I mean reach out to the largest number of people possible. Right now we are engaged in an Information War, and for the past twenty years the minds of our citizens have been poisoned by the Limbaughs, Hannitys and O’Reillys of the world – while the voices for peace go unheard, contenting ourselves with yard signs and bumper stickers. It’s simply not enough… and that’s why I didn’t print your picture, I’m sorry.

Dear Freewayblogger,
I am sorry too. I should have told you I am handicapped, and if I could I would be out on the freeways with you! But because of my health (or lack there of ) my yard is all I can do and I was lucky to have friends and family to help with that. I used to worry about dropping my grandchildren, then I worried that I couldn’t pick them up or get them out of harms way fast enough. Now I feel that I can’t protect them at all and the biggest threat comes from our government. The people in power stole the office and are very quickly eroding every single freedom we have. My grandbabies futures are heavily compromised from the disgrace of the mercury laden vaccinations and flu shots to the highly illegal, immoral, corporate (money) driven war which only they want! And still they do not go to fight or send their own children. Just ours. My daughter was part of the first shipped to Iraq under Papa Bush’s watch. She is one of the soldiers who refuse absolutely to talk about what she saw, how she feels. We can talk of anything else, but not the war. So although I am not healthy enough to travel the freeways, I reach a lot more people than one would think. Everyone and anyone who has to go to Mayors Court, the police station, the council meeting, all the parents, all the walkers and joggers, they all see and read my signs. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for all you do… ohio

Dear Ohio, I’m truly sorry for jumping down your throat like that. I’m sorry to hear about your condition and will post your picture as soon as I can. (I’m on the road right now, going to Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas.) Thanks for all you do and again, my apologies. –Scarlet

This just came in the mail: probably the worst picture sent to me yet. And possibly the very best.

Hey Hey Scarlet, guess what! This morning at 6:00 a.m. my friends (also disabled) & I officially joined the freeway bloggers. Of course we are grandmas so it took us a lot longer than the rest of you, but by golly we did it.!! Then we giggled like school girls. We tried to get a picture but it was too dark out and when it was after daylight I went alone and got this picture. It was a rainy, foggy Monday morning in rush hour traffic. Even though you can't read the sign at all (I couldn't drive and focus) you can still SEE it and read it from the road. My friend said it looked so good it looked professional. She should see you folks work!. So here it is. Hopefully the first of many. By the way, the sign says "IMPEACH". if I get a clearer picture I will email it.. as you can see we put it up so you can read it going to work downtown. yours, Ohio

Update: This sign stayed up for five days.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

LA by Night

With Beachblogger having posted so many signs in the desert, I've got some serious catching up to do. Going strictly for speed, I managed to do the above in just under four hours, then I went to sleep. I got up at midnight, loaded up the truck and started heading north.

Pedestrian overcrossing at Magnolia Ave. in Orange County. Sign slips right in between fencing and brace in literally two seconds.

Favorite spot next to the 405 just north of Venice in LA. Signs here usually last a couple of days - let me know if you see it.

Facing East on the 10 between Arlington and Crenshaw... illuminated at night.
Fencing just above the La Cienega split on the 405 by LAX.

Painted on two sides and hung in a sealed off pedestrian overpass over the 405 near LAX. I used hook-and-pole technology to place the sign inside the bars, with coathangars and a carabiner to clip it in place. See Caged Bird Singing.

Ventura Freeway in the valley. Illuminated at night but doubt it lasted too long into the morning.

Eucalyptus tree on the northbound side of the Sepulveda pass facing southbound traffic. As humble as it may look in the photo, this is a fairly clever posting and I think it'll last at least a couple of days. Even if it only makes it a few hours into the morning rush hour though, it'll be read by more people than I'll meet in my life.

Next to the 405 near Carson.

I was amazed to see this one still up on the southbound side of the Sepulveda Pass as I put it up over a month ago. It was folded over a bit so I nailed it back into place.

Although the pictures aren't nearly so good, I have to admit there are a lot of advantages to working at night, provided you're already familiar with the terrain during the day. One of the myths I need to dispel about guerrilla signposting, however, is that it should be done at 4:00 in the morning. Four in the morning is a ridiculous hour and waiting for it provides a powerful disincentive to post. Whether you're using clips, clamps, bungees and tape or hammer and nails, posting a sign shouldn't take longer than ten or twenty seconds, so you should be able to do it any time of the night or day.

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Beachblogger in the Desert

Beachblogger took a trip to the desert and put up 80 signs, about half of which were regulation size. More pictures here.

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Phoenix to LA

USA - 523
FB -520

Nationwide Action: Sept. 1st - 3rd

In conjunction with ImpeachPAC and After Downing Street, freewaybloggers across the country will be celebrating their rights to free speech by putting up signs calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush. In order to participate all you need is cardboard, paint and something to say. Send pictures of your work to freewayblogger@yahoo.com
The right to post political opinion on public property is one of the most protected rights we have in American Democracy, and it's high time we started using it. Speaking out against a policy, president, or administration you feel is harming our nation is not only your right as an American citizen, it's your duty. And it's a hell of a lot of fun too.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Latest Press

My Conversations With Arianna and Cindy

Last week I got to meet Arianna Huffington and Cindy Sheehan. I met Arianna at a dinner she gave for the winners of the Huffington Post's "Contagious Festival" at a Greek restaurant in Manhattan Beach. I met Cindy a few days later at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas. I'm a fairly shy person, so the conversations were brief enough to record here in their entirety.

Arianna: "So you're the one who puts signs on freeways."
Me: "Yes."
Arianna: "And you're getting other people to do it too."
Me: "Some. Not many. Not nearly enough."
Arianna: "Is it illegal?"
Me: "No, not really. It's one of those things where a cop might hassle you if he catches you in the act, but they can't really put you in jail for it. If you ever went to court you'd win."
Arianna: "So why aren't more people doing it?"
Me: "I don't know. They're scared I think."
Arianna: "Of what?"
Me: "I wish I knew. Honestly I think what they're afraid of is simply looking foolish."

She smiled and handed me a copy of her latest book, "Fearless", which I paged through a bit, unfortunately putting an end to our conversation.

My conversation with Cindy Sheehan was even more to the point. Unlike the bright, loud restaurant setting with Arianna, everything was dark and quiet. Camp Casey was beautiful at night, with the oppressive heat of the day finally gone, a slight breeze and a million stars above. I was sitting at the edge of a small group of people listening to someone playing guitar when Cindy came up to me and said, "You made a memorial for my son."
"Yeah... it was awhile ago."
"Someone sent me a picture. Thank you."
"You're welcome."

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Greeting Rumsfeld in Alaska

According to one Alaska blogger, Donald Rumsfeld Himself will be passing down this road en route to some ceremony with a bunch of Russian Generals. Remember them? The Russians? Remember how important it used to be to spend trillions of dollars to defend against them and their evil plans to take over the world? And ain't it great that now, just a few years later, everything between us seems to be all hunky-dory? All just one big misunderstanding I guess... And to think we spent all that money making sure we could destroy the entire planet a thousand times over... and for what? Nothing.
Boy, are our faces red or what?

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Across the Southern Desert

I put these signs along Interstates 10 and 25 in New Mexico and Arizona which, I believe, puts me back in the lead.

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USA - 509