Thursday, November 16, 2006

Arsenal of Democracy: The Monkey

Take 4'x8' election sign,

Project message on back.

Trace and


Cut into strips.

Insert coathangar through front, bend loop and tape down.

Secure to pole with bungee cords: knot bungee to desired length. Do this for the top, middle and bottom of the sign. Use extension pole to push up lightpole.

The Monkey is one of my favorite freewayblogging techniques, particularly when used on lightpoles as they're illuminated at night and look, frankly, beautiful. Be on the lookout for lightpoles such as the one above, that rise up from behind a soundwall. The areas just behind soundwalls are usually very secluded, giving you privacy to work.


end of silence said...

I love the monkey. When I have used it lately it hasn't lasted very long, due to the wind and the rain. It looks like you are using a stronger material, such as plastic. Great idea.

Dept Of Homeland Conspiracy said...

Thanx I can't wait to try this out

Anonymous said...

We went out the night after the election and got around 500 yard signs - going to use the wire in the spring to help secure our signs. Too cold in Ohio to penetrate the ground this time of year. We figured we could leave them right along the hiway.