Friday, February 10, 2006

Letter From Connecticut

Like most democrats, I was upset in the fall of 2000, feeling that the election had been stolen (it was). I felt uneasy, but thought "Well, at least George has some grownups to watch over him, Cheney, Rumsfeld, maybe it will be alright..." Then they tried to get rid of the Dept. of Education. Then they attacked the wrong country. Then they lied about it.

I got angry and would call my senator's office, but it was like talking into a vacuum. I wrote letters to the paper, but the limit is one letter a month, 300 words per letter. I was worried for my country, its democracy, and my 21 and 17 year old sons… Worried they’d get drafted into an unjust war for these men's bottom lines.

Somehow, I don’t remember how, I found the Freewayblogger. Finally there was something I could do! BUSH LIED went up right near my republican sister's house: she never knew who did it! "Get the Memo, a Buckfush production" followed: it stayed up in a busy intersection for over a week. We are proudest of that one. We made 10 WHY 2K? for therapy, the brush strokes allowing us to get our anger out in a constructive way. The state of the union saw 15 IMPEACH signs made in the living room and kept me from throwing things at the TV. To think the latest version of the Patriot Act prohibits protestors from carrying signs near an "Event of National Importance" makes me shiver... like we're living under Stalin. Last night we made “Go Scooter!”

If one sign niggles it's way into someone's head, or encourages someone to voice unspoken doubt about this administration, it will be worth it. We used to post signs at 2am, now we do it in broad daylight. Rarely do they come down before 72 hours have passed. Maybe, just maybe, we can get people with little nudges, to understand what is happening to our country, and how we must fight to fix it.

Yours, Connecticut


Anonymous said...

Awesome Patriot!

Anonymous said...

Right on Connecticut! We can influence each other just as much as the TV does.