Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Beachblogger: Our Man in San Diego

My first beachblog, done in front of webcam

Nice, Big Impeach: illuminated at night and up
for several days. I love it when that happens.

Dear Freewayblogger,
I got my start freewayblogging in November 2004 by waving a yard sign for the Democratic congressional candidate from a pedestrian overpass. It was fun. I would do it for a half hour or so during evening rush hour with a hundred cars a minute passing under me. Sometime last year I surfed by, joined the yahoo group and made my first beachblog. Since then I've done over a hundred blogs on San Diego beaches and freeways.

With politics and the media entirely dominated by corporate money, freewayblogging is grass roots activism at its purest. I don't want political leaders telling me what to think; we should be telling them what to think and do. I love the smell of blogging in the morning...
peace, Beachblogger


Anonymous said...

Go San Diego County!

peter said...

thanks for the post.

live long, and blog.

may the beach be with you.