Wednesday, February 08, 2006

California's Scenic Highway 1

On scenic highways I'll put up signs just to take their picture then take them down. Those of you afraid to use the freeways should consider painting a sign and sending me a picture of it in front of a dramatic background.
In the cities I just stick the damn things anywhere.

The above were taken in and around Santa Cruz, California, about as liberal a town as you'll find in this country. I think the banks are closed on Wiccan holidays. People tell me I'm preaching to the converted by hitting places like Santa Cruz and Berkeley, which is partially true, but not entirely. When you put up a sign it says two things: 1) Whatever it says, and 2) that somebody felt they had the right to put a sign up.

I won't be preaching to the converted until this country is covered with signs.


D said...

You need to put a running average of how long it takes for wingnuts to storm in and start whining somewhere in your sidebar. That'd be interesting. said...


You've been busy.

Keep up the great work!

I've still got a link to your wonderfully brilliant Peace-Waging Art over at my Peace-Waging Blog.

Your Freeway Blogging is like an American Plateau of Mirror (Brian Eno reference).

Ambient Two!

So simple. So beautiful.


deryke said...

i like what you do is on your side. &

Anonymous said...

A colleague passed me the 'Iraqi Musical' link and I found my way to your site. It is interesting to me that folks take down the signs rather than leaving comments. I guess the other side has no clever comebacks?

Anyway, sooner or later some idiot will find a way to charge you with a thought crime. Your gonna' need some money for bail and a lawyer at that point...

I don't have huge sums of money but I would love to buy a print of the 'sign in front of lighthouse' pic to display in my cubicle. ...A gentle reminder that well-placed words motivate better than bombs.

Sarah Glenn said...

Hey! The project has made it into the funny papers:

Sarah G

Freewayblogger said...

Dear Anonymous, nothing's for sale, but if you send me your addy I'll send you a JPEG.

If I ever get arrested for this, believe me, you'll hear about it.

Annie said...

Getting thrown in jail for thought crimes is cooler than why I went to jail.


PS: Sign those speeding tickets, or else!