Thursday, December 15, 2005

War in Iraq: One Thousand Days of Victory!

Some of the Good news out of Iraq:

1) Vast majority of Iraqi population still alive. Many unwounded, untortured.

2) Insurgency's supply of explosives steadily dwindling.

3) Scrap metal business literally booming. Lots of extra car parts.

4) Every school in Iraq rebuilt and repainted a couple of times now.

5) No U.S. Soldiers killed or injured by candy or flowers.

6) Many U.S. Soldiers not killed at all.

7) Lots of surgical training opportunities.

8) Plenty of room for new exhibits in Baghdad Museum of Antiquities.

9) World opinion of United States gradually changing from hatred and fear to laughter and pity.

10) Osama Who?


brainhell said...

> Insurgency's supply of explosives steadily dwindling.

They have just-in-time inventory though.

Mary said...

Great, Great signs!
It really beats my sidewalk chalk campaign ... as the chalk signs only last a day.

I added a link to you on my blog and I hope everyone with a blog does the same!

VOX said...

Absolutely BlogWorthy!

Mad Kane said...

Wonderful! I'll be adding you to my blogroll, of course!
Mad Kane

tc said...

I've said these sorts of things to my conservative friends-unlike Ann Coulter, I don't hate all people who think differently from me-they quote me all this stuff like, ooh, well, there is school in Iraq. A Nobel Prize winner is there. They have 8 different varieties of hot dogs. Well shit, you're supposed to. It's like the Chris Rock shit from "Bring the Pain." Talkin' about trifling black dudes who boast about not having been to jail, he says, "You're not supposed to you low-expectation-having-motherfucker." And then, to guys who say they take care of their kids, he says, "What, you want a cookie?"