Wednesday, December 14, 2005

From SF to LA

Yesterday I drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles, leaving signs along the way. The signs above, along with about eight others not pictured, cost me practically nothing to make and posting them added two, maybe three hours to the trip.

To give you an idea of how many people saw them, the top sign was posted, along with a similar one facing in the other direction, the night before the picture was taken. Both were illuminated throughout the night and were still up when I drove by fifteen hours later. For all I know they're still there. According to Caltrans, over 350,000 cars pass by that spot every 24 hours. While I couldn't tell you how many people driving by actually saw the signs, I can tell you that, for the price of some duct tape, paint and bungee cords, it was a hell of a lot.

And that's just two signs.

In other words, with very little time or effort, it's altogether possible that some half a million people saw what I had to say yesterday, and not only did it cost me practically nothing, it was a Hell of a Lot of Fun.

Just imagine if more people started doing this.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging Mr. Freeway. Brilliant idea I might add and we have been watching for a while now. Thank you for this activity, it is my opinion that MSM and other communication areas are NOT independent and have NO desire to actually promote Americans true thoughts. What a fantastic way to spend some time, bang for the buck is huge.

Hopefully, our new digital camera will allow us to send you some of our local work. We are in the Boston area.

Again, thanks for all you have done. Oh, the story of the two CHIPs guys and yourself @ 3Am was great, that is what real people do!

Anonymous said...

Inspired by: snowho and Freeway blogger

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Anonymous said...

maybe I should.... start doing it.

hows this?

Lying about a blow job = a stained dress = impeachment

Lying to take us to war = tens of thousands dead = ?

Anonymous said...

maybe I should.... start doing it.

hows this?

Lying about a blow job = a stained dress = impeachment

Lying to take us to war = tens of thousands dead = ?

joe coffin said...

I've seen some of your work (possibly your work) while on vacation in Los Angeles, on the 101 and 405. I was on vacation for pre-deployment leave =\
I plan to do this when I return back to the states in March. Keep up the good work folks.

M A F said...

Great stuff!

I realy enjoyed the discusion on the use of faggot as a criticism of your work. It would appear that many of your critics are self-loathing gay Republicans.

I'm definately going to bookmark your blog.

Anonymous said...

lorilou says:

congratulations for telling it like it sick of these monsters taking over our country so always appreciate any and every effort to reclaim America

jarnocan said...

GREAT I will book mark your blog. I want to do more. I do live on a main drag- kind of so most of my blogging is kind of easy- I just go out my front door. although I will have to do a little less here because I am going to sell my house.
Hey BTW you can add photos to a FREE membership- can't include LINKS but if the link is part of the pHOTO on a sign- it can get the word out as in a WORLDCANTWAIT.ORG sign Take care!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Someone actually doing things, rather than just grousing (not that I can honestly have anything against sitting around complaining, it's what I seem to do half the day myself). I haven't ever seen any signs up here in the Great Pacific Northwest, Seattle area. Maybe it's more of a warm-weather things, seeing as you guys are in S. Cali & Pheonix. Probably also a combination of overly vigilant law enforcement and an excess of jaded liberals. In any case, I am certainly going to remember this for the next time my buddies & I are just hanging around with *nothing* to do except complain.

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