Thursday, December 08, 2005

Greeting Dumbya in Phoenix

These signs and others were decorating the freeways of Phoenix, AZ for Dumbya's visit last week. Phoenix is home to our largest and best established freewayblogging crew. Given that over 70% of Arizona's population resides in the greater Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, an enterprising Freewayblogger can address a goodly number of their fellow citizens in a day. Practically every inch of the freeways in Phoenix and Tucson are bordered by three foot tall chainlink fencing, so you can post just about anywhere. Just place the sign against the fence, stretch a bungee cord across the back, hit the corners with some duct tape and split. Takes ten seconds.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Bueno! Bueno!

Having to put up with the likes of Siieg Kyl and the Manchurian candidate himself "representing" us in the Senate makes for great motivation to speak our minds since no one speaks for us.

Keep up the good work!