Sunday, March 11, 2007

Northbay Impeachiness

Constantly commuting between my home and San Francisco has turned the 101 into something of an ongoing art project, and for the last couple of months it's been hard to drive it without seeing signs for impeachment or against the war.

The good people who take the time to go and take down my signs (and tear them into teeny-tiny little pieces...) have been hard at work too and it's hard not to feel a little sorry for them: by now it's become evident to all parties that they cannot possibly win, they can only respond too late.

One of the things I love most about this medium is that it allows the common individual so much power to broadcast.

Another thing I love about it is that it's a game where I get to make practically all the rules. Someday I hope every road starts looking like the 101.

FB - 355
USA - 108

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Psychomikeo said...

Keep up the good work...
$$$$ has become a problem here (no work) So all my $$$ & time is put into flyers. A2 is really going through some shit, alot of jobs have been lost in the last year & it just keep getting worse.