Monday, March 12, 2007

Free Speech 101

Thought of this the other night, painted it up on a furniture box and attached it to this old train with some springclamps. Whoever took it down kept the springclamps but left the sign, so it'll be going up somewhere else soon.

Some folks have taken to whitewashing my signs and spraypainting "USA #1", "God Bless USA" etc. in red, so I decided to mimic their work (below:)

I guess they didn't appreciate it as it was gone after a day or two.

The usual response from my loyal opposition is to tear up the signs and leave them in a pile, so now whenever I leave a new sign I take the remains of the old ones away.
There are those that would contend that the signs themselves are litter, and they have the right to think that. It's my opinion that when the founding fathers gave us the right to free speech they meant for us to use it, and if a citizen felt their country was engaged in an illegal, immoral war, or if they wanted to see a sitting president impeached, it was their right to broadcast their opinions to as many of their fellow citizens as possible.
In fact, I'd even say it was our obligation.

FB - 365
USA - 108


Psychomikeo said...

Take alittle white paint or white tape to make the God Bless America to God Less America.

Anonymous said...

re: Bush in Vietnam