Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Art and Wisdom of PsychoMike-o

"I Sing of Arms, and the Man..." So began Virgil in his epic poem Aeneid. I sing too of arms - of cardboard, paint, and the mighty overhead projector - and of The Man: PsychoMike-o, whose bravery, wisdom, and sheer perseverance have made Ann Arbor a Shining Beacon of Participatory Democracy.

While here in California we enjoy picture-perfect conditions, PsychoMike-o, along with his lovely young assistant, routinely brave sub-zero temperatures in the dead of night to spread their message of Truth and Righteousness to the slumbering masses... A True Wintersoldier in the Information Wars.

Freewaybloggers come and go, but few have so fully mastered the tools, tactics and tradecraft of the guerrilla. Fewer still have taken so to heart the credo of the Free Speech Warrior: that you keep on posting until you have nothing left to say... that you keep on fighting until the war is won. Give me a hundred such men and we could awaken the nation.

When, and if, this war is finally over, he'll be out there fighting against the next one. And when that war's over, he'll fight to save the planet, for clean air and drinking water, so we can all live in health and peace in a better world than this one. On behalf of Ann Arbor, a Grateful Nation, and Generations Yet to Come, Thank You.

Below are some of PsychoMike-o's entries to the Peeps Diorama Contest.

FB - 435
USA - 299


Psychomikeo said...

I owe it all to you...THANX!

Liberality said...

I especially like the sign that said "First Killing, Then Drilling" because that is the truth in a nutshell.