Friday, March 23, 2007

More From the Nation

FB - 407
USA - 275


Psychomikeo said...

Impeachment Coffee LOL what a great sign!

Anonymous said...

I love Freewayblogger and everyone who continues to put signs up -- Bush the Liar and his Sycophants should all be impeached!

Matthew Sherborne said...

Do you guys do any signs on the massive illegal immigrant problem we have in the U.S?

Or is it all anti-bush stuff which won't matter much in a year and a half.

Anonymous said...

What would such a sign say, Matthew? Deport 12 million people? As long as Bush defends the people who entice these poor souls to come here, all we are doing is scapegoating the innocent instead of prosecuting the guilty.

Psychomikeo said...

Are you sure it's only a year & a half... I'm sure Karl is working on something to keep King George II stay in power. And with all the powers OUR congress has given King George II he can call himself ruler for life!