Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kauai, Hawaii

Aloha Scarlet,

I was over in Hawaii last week, visiting my son and his family on the north shore of Kauai, where they've lived for 8 years or so. He'd been telling me recently about this new Hawaii "Superferry" that was built and subsidized with Hawaiian tax-payer money and force-fed to Hawaiians without the required environmental studies or any real public input.

Brave Kauai locals protested in mass last summer and kept the Superferry from entering the harbor on its maiden voyage. But sadly, it's looking more and more like it will be plowing back to Kauai again soon so the local cops are now preparing to deal with protesters in a more serious fashion, according to the local newspaper.

I decided to snoop around some and wasn't too surprised to learn Hawaiian Superferry (HSF) is run by a bunch of neocon ex-military types, all part of the bush destruction team. It seems the US Navy wants to test the Superferry's ability to carry military loads but they don't want to use Navy dollars for the testing and they don't really care what they have to destroy to do it.

Kauai's roads can't possibly accommodate all the cars the ferry will bring onto the island, cars conceivably loaded with contraband and drugs, easily driven onto the ferry on Oahu and off the ferry on Kauai. The boat pollutes, both with fuel and noise, and there's no way it could slow down to keep from taking out the many whales and sea turtles that will travel in its path. What's even crazier is the price of a ferry ticket - more than airfare - and the trip takes hours longer! Passengers were barfing everywhere on the boat's maiden voyage to Maui.

The whole thing really reeks so - vacation or not - IT WAS TIME FOR SOME FREEWAY BLOGGING! Off to the hardware store we went for supplies and my rookie son was quickly schooled in the art by watching your latest YouTube video. We painted signs Thursday evening and posted them early Friday morning for thousands of locals to read during rush hour traffic. Some were still hanging several days later as I headed back to San Diego. Needless to say, I left all the paint and supplies there with my son, along with some encouragement to repeat the effort again and again, until the bush warmongers get the message once and for all that the Superferry just isn't welcome on Kauai!

Mahalo and peace always~


Mauibrad said...

Awesome signs.

Aloha, Brad

Anonymous said...

What total B___ SH__.
It is this kind of post that gives blogging a bad name. So far from the truth it is pathetic. A militant few idiots prevent an entire island from having an alternate way to access their island for both people and freight. How sad, when the minority gets their way at the expense of all.

Freewayblogger said...

Yeah! How dare these people speak out against something they don't approve of! It's Unamerican!

In a recent and woefully underpublished survey, Kauaiians were asked what they wanted more of on their island and the response was overwhelming: "Cars and Pollution!"

Long cursed by clean air and under-crowding, the people of Kauai finally have a chance of fulfilling their dreams of urban blight ("If only Kauai were more like Detroit..." one sighed,) only to have some malcontents come along with their so called "Constitutional Rights" and try to ruin it. Disgusting!

Mauibrad said...

"In a recent and woefully underpublished survey..."

They also had a survey in the "Garden Isle" that after 3000 respondents showed 60% against HSF and only 40% in favor of it.

Since then there have been HSF ads on Kauai TV, guess trying to improve that perception. They got a ways to go.

Aloha, Brad