Friday, May 30, 2008

Also Greeting Bush in Phoenix

Hey Scarlet,
We had a great welcoming committee today. As you may have heard, the Bush-McCain fundraiser was cancelled when they found out the protesters were going to out number the campaign contributors.

Overpass signs came down quickly so I had to carpet bomb the streets on his route. Most of them stayed up to greet the motorcade, along with about 50-60 of us protesters.

We had a great time and hope he comes back soon :}
Hope all is well! -Maria

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Anonymous said...

thank you Maria!
I do hope that our good buddy noticed your efforts. There was encouraging news from that college in south carolina where there were faculty members who dared to defy GW's presence for the commencement address. I wish there was a magic potion to put in America's drinking water to help Americans wake up and take action. But, one by one, we're doing it. It's slow and oh so painfully frustrating. i don't know why there is such little action. At least more talk now than before. Think in positive could be worse/there is and friends thereof/ scotty mcclellan just said the liberal media was at fault for not being hard enuf on GW
......(Am i still alive?)
see you in the ozone.
keep on blogging .....