Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mini Blogging San Francisco

Lately I've been housesitting in North Beach: a very cool place on Telegraph Hill with a couple of cats, a baby grand piano and a garage with this cute little mini cooper at my disposal. Since parking's a nightmare I've been keeping my truck out of the city and using the mini to blog.

Although this precludes really large postings, semiotically speaking, smaller signs work just as well: so long as it's big enough to get the message out.

Although there's an inescapable randomness factor to how long signs stay up, smaller signs generally have a much longer life than the larger ones - people simply aren't as motivated to go out of their way to get them.

In terms of making this country look like it's supposed to, the difference between a small sign and a big one is nothing compared to a small sign and no sign at all.
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Anonymous said...

SF Bay area is one of the greatest place to own a Mini Cooper. Hope you can make the trip up to Mini Mania one day!
Don @ MiniMania.Com