Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dear Santa...

This just came in from one of our operatives in Santa Barbara. Once it's finished it's job as festive home decor, I'm sure it'll find a nice home on the 101, so others can share in the tidings.

I met with her last week, and together with this gentleman, did a quick but thorough job of the local overpasses and side fencing.

The three of us, along with all the signs, fit quite comfortably into a Prius. It was my first ride in one and I've got to say it's a great little car, and very easy to work out of. If you want to contribute a little to saving the planet, you should buy yourself a Prius. If you want to contribute a lot, buy one for me.

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Vigilante said...

Why I keep buying lotto tickets: your Prius.

Unknown said...

Great job on the signs. When I drive through Ventura I see "The War is a Lie" still up (12/14) and it makes me smile.