Wednesday, November 14, 2007

By The Numbers

Los Angeles, Crenshaw Bvld.
Per day: 147,000/Peak Hour: 9,650

These signs were made and posted by one person using cardboard, paint and an overhead projector.

California Traffic Volumes as of 2005

San Francisco, Ocean/Geneva Avenues
Per day: 185,000/Peak Hour: 13,800

Berkeley, University Ave.
Per Day: 145,000/Peak Hour: 8,950

They took about an hour and a half to make with a material cost of about a dollar.

Fremont, Per Day: 83,000/Peak Hour: 5,250

Orange County, Warner/Magnolia Aves.
Per Day: 312,000/Peak Hour: 23,300

About half of them stayed up for a couple of hours.

Hilltop Ave.: 100,000/6,200

Pt. Richmond: 80,000/6,000

The other half stayed up for a couple of days.

Encino, White Oak/Reseda Bvlds.

When the founding fathers gave us the right to full and unfettered free political speech, that meant we not only have the right to say whatever we want, but to say it to as many of our fellow citizens as we damn well please.

Summit/County Line:

Ten or twelve signs placed by three or four freeways in a large metropolitan area can reach half a million people tomorrow.

Free Speech: Use it or Lose it.

Hayward, Tennyson Ave.:

FB - 1904
USA - 1386

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