Saturday, November 24, 2007

Albany, NY

FB - 1928
USA - 1400


Anonymous said...

I got the idea for the "KIA" sign from someone else who had made a similar sign and had the photo posted here on

There's one more sign that I forgot to show, it said "BIGFOOT, LOCH NESS, UFO's, BIN LADEN"

I'm going to be sticking with the "impeach" "J 9/11 OB" and KIA signs for a while. I think they're simple but powerful.

I was nervous about freeway blogging but it's actually FUN! If anyone is considering doing it I say go for it, you'll feel like a kid AND you get a message out there!


Anonymous said...

I am so awesome!

Since making a freewayblogger sign, and hanging it---as simple as it is---seems to be more than I can actually accomplish, I present to you: What I Actually Did:

freewayhollerer: IMPEACH CHENEY FIRST!

There then ensued a conversation with myself that would do any crazy person proud.

c. said...

I'm posting a link on my own blog. Your blogapalooza page is great! Keep up the good work!